11 million! Arsenal official asking price Cech exposure fastest of the agreement next week


According to the “Daily Mail” and “Telegraph” the latest news, Arsenal deal on buying Cech progress has been made. “Daily Mail” said the Arsenal will come up with an offer of £ 1100 next weekend, Wenger and Arsenal are very self-confident enough to impress Chelsea this offer to complete the transaction.

Cech wants to leave Chelsea is not a secret, because the presence of Courtois, Cech in this past season became the number two goalkeeper, 33-year-old Cech still want to play the main, but the goalkeeper with the ability, age and state, the Cech also fully worthy of the main giants. Although Mussina is very do not want Cech to leave, but after the “Daily Mail” reported that, as long as the bid is reasonable, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is willing to let go of Cech, Cech decade this is loyalty rewards.

In the lower house Cech, Arsenal has been the most popular team. A reinforcement needs to Arsenal goalkeeper position, and secondly, with the London office, Cech Arsenal will save a lot of off-site trivia. “Daily Mail” the latest news, Arsenal now very confident to complete the transaction Cech, Chelsea they have formally asked the price, but the negotiations will be the next Zhou Kaiqi.

Although Mourinho has repeatedly stressed that you do not want Cech joined Premier League rivals Chelsea, but Arsenal considered reasonable offer can persuade Chelsea, Arsenal and Chelsea learned that next week negotiations between the focus is Cech’s transfer fee issue. Chelsea lowest asking price is 1000 pounds, as long as the negotiated price, Cech will move to the Gunners.

Mourinho had said that if the Premier League club want to buy Cech, players must take in exchange. The “Telegraph” has denied this possibility, they think Arsenal will not join any player transactions, but only pay the transfer fee Chelsea. Previously with Chelsea rumored Walcott and Chamberlain will stay at Arsenal, will not roll into the deal.

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