AC Milan to finalize the 20 million announced reinforcements sent within 24 hours to join a medical examination


Martinez lost in a row and Hole Shakespeare, AC Milan finally some action on the transfer market. Martinez Baca as a substitute, AC Milan has basically become a foregone conclusion, and after Hole Shakespeare signings fail, Bertone Rudge is already very close to joining AC Milan a.

Baca joined the news may have to wait another two days, but the official announcement is likely Bertone Rudge will be completed today. With the words of the Italian media, today belongs to Bertone Rudge day. If all goes well, all procedures including medical and the player will sign today, including the completion of that name after 24 years to join the young Italian striker will be officially announced.

“The market,” reports said, after the name of much desired Italian star has been very close to joining Roma, there is also his hometown. But AC Milan has a potential option, then the Rossoneri’s strong intervention, so that everything changed. Italian sources said Bertone Rudge will train to Milan at 7:00 local time today, about 10 o’clock, the players will appear together with his or her agent at the headquarters of AC Milan. There, Bertone Rudge will first receive a medical examination Rossoneri, no problem at all, the two sides will sign the contract directly, which joined the news will also get announced.

“The market” reported that, in order to obtain Bertone Rudge, AC Milan will pay a transfer fee of 20 million euros to Genoa, and this will be its first important AC Milan this summer signings. AC Milan’s summer training camp will begin on July 3, before Galliani have to find a way to give the team some tonic. Prior to the game it is Martinez and Hole Shakespeare, after joining both fail, Baca and Bertone Rudge become the primary objective. As a result, AC Milan will be able to save him from two up to 25 million euros transfer fee (€ 75 million the first two, the latter 50 million euros), it’s not a few people disparity in terms of salary, The money can be spent on signings elsewhere.

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