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11AC officially announced with French defender Philippe Mexes renewed for one year, so the message really was a bit surprised. According to Italian media reports, behind Mexes contract does have a powerful driving force.

“Italian football” means exactly what prompted Berlusconi Mexes complete the contract. In fact, Philippe Mexes had already been seen as ironclad leave their teams, and after the media has revealed that Mexes AC Milan coach is not among Mihajlovic new season program, and Frenchman reckless The acting style is also criticized by fans and the media. Italian transfer experts Dumas economic Austria revealed, AC Milan had changed, the decision to leave Mexes, precisely because Berlusconi, AC Milan, it is the family urged the club to stay when Philippe Mexes, and called Mihajlovic, to convince him to stay Mexes is the right choice.

Indeed Mihajlovic most desired or Roman guard Roman Niao Li, who had fought side by side in Sampdoria, AC Milan has been the most recent efforts to transfer Romagnoli, but Rome asking price is too high regard, a full 30 million euros, AC Milan is clearly not intended to be such a high transfer fee spent a 20-year-old young players.

Of course, that does not mean Romagnoli renewal Mexes will not joined, AC Milan also on the defense and foreign aid efforts. According to “Italian sports” the latest news, AC Milan has been prepared in order to get Romagnoli raised the price, but the player himself is also very clear, not have their own position in Rome, and in AC Milan, in the hands of Mihajlovic It is very likely to be a main location.

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