Arsenal, Real Madrid wing snapped shots

24-year-old Qielishefu is no shortage of suitors, “Aspen” said the Liverpool, Villarreal and other teams are concerned about the Russian people, in Madrid, Qielishefu difficult to play on the main, last year Villarreal on loan effectiveness, return to the Bernabeu this summer after the current position is sidewalk bench.

“Aspen” said Arsenal are preparing to Qielishefu offer, but Benitez seems to want to keep the Russian people, according to “Aspen” in a fan survey, the majority of Real Madrid fans want to cut Stanishev stay in the team.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s Spanish general Cazorla said that if the Real Madrid striker Benzema can move to the Emirates Stadium, the Gunners will certainly be a big help, but Wenger may have not wanted to buy people. “Benzema is a good player, all the teams will want to have him, but I think the coach has completed setting the lineup, and he may not find a striker.”

“Benzema can adapt to any team, good players can always adapt to any team, he has the strength, if you really come, will adapt very well. But I do not know Arsenal are not interested in Benzema coach He knows better than anyone. ”


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