Barcelona announced the truce two weeks mumps infection Neymar

FC Barcelona announced Neymar infected with mumps, the truce two weeks time, which also means that the Brazilian will miss Barca played follow the Spanish Super Cup and the European Super Cup

Barca will face the European Super Cup rivals Sevilla in August 11, but only three days later, last season’s Triple Crown is we have to face the Spanish Super Cup opponents Bilbao team challenges, two rounds of competition dates are August 14th and 17th. Neymar will definitely miss the play due to illness these two events, and the August 24 opening at the Spanish round, the Brazilians can participate still needs depending on their condition may be.

Barcelona’s official website said in a statement mentioned, Neymar has been diagnosed as infected with mumps, although he had been vaccinated, but the Brazilian will rest for 2 weeks due to illness.

Then Barcelona’s official website also announced the team played in the European Super Cup squad, in addition to lack of war Neymar confirmed, the new joined the team Turan, Vidal, and injured Alba, Adriano and Douglas despite In this big list, but did not enter the official competition list.

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