Barcelona general: and MSN is not easy to play

Barcelona achievements of the three trophies, including Macy – Suarez – Neymar combination of shine. Recently, the Barcelona midfielder Rakitic then praised the MSN portfolio, he bluntly and three men play together is not easy, because they are a completely different level of player.

Reporter to question Rakitic said: “? Do you like to play with MSN,” Rakitic immediately replied: “Yes, I liked Although many people say and the way they play together, things will get easier. up, but I think, and they play together is not easy, because they are completely on another level of the players, their strength has come to this step. But that does not mean, and they will become easy to play with We have to get used to them to serve, if I can make them run 5000 kilometers in one play better, then I am certainly willing. ”

Rakitic also talked about Messi, he said: “It has Messi, the game will be easier every team wants to have Messi, but fortunately, he’s on our team. we certainly have to take care of him. Messi can do things other people can not do, and if we can get him become better, then this would be a great thing. “Rakitic Messi has always been an admirer, he has always been generous words of praise for a small flea.

Barcelona on the achievements of the three trophies last season, and now they have the opportunity to impact six-time winner, this Rakitic said: “The idea of ​​six-time winner of course will not make me dizzy, but I was in awe of it because my teammates, only a few won this great title. We will not feel too much pressure, but it is clear that the achievements of six trophies will be very difficult to do. “

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