Brazilian striker to leave Chelsea exposure of agreement

According to Spain, “Aspen Daily” reported that Chelsea left feilipei¬†about to return to Atletico Madrid, the two sides have reached a transfer agreement, the Jiujiang sheets Legion took 16 million euros, the two sides signed four years.

Atletico had already determined there is news that will bring back the Spanish Felipe, but has not agreed on the transfer fee issue between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, but according to “Aspen” reported that the two sides now have 16 million euros in the price settled, the Brazilian striker will sign Atletico Madrid for four years.

Felipe last summer the price of 15.8 million pounds from Atletico Madrid came to Chelsea, but Mourinho has not been reused, Mike Mussina would prefer piligui column on the left back position, Felipe entire season played only 15 times in the league, he scored a wonderful kick direct free kick in the League Cup against Derby County in the game, also became his rare Blues career highlights.

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