Bulls actively selling Gasol

Before the start of the season, the Bulls or ambition, they are considered the most likely to pose a threat to the Knights team. But I did not expect, but it is the Bulls in the regular season suffered a blow, first because of injury claims NOAA declared the season, after Butler key players sidelined through injury needs several weeks, another important player Mirotic also be sidelined(nba 2k16 mt for sale).

In terms of the current situation, not to mention blocking Knight, the Bulls can make the playoffs is a problem. Bulls There are currently 27 wins and 25 losses record ranked seventh in the East, just ahead of a piston 9 wins. The slightest mistake, the bull is likely to be out of the top eight.

At the same time, the Bulls team payroll exceeds the luxury tax line would impose $ 4.5 million. In the case of poor record, the Bulls management has begun to consider the payroll dropped below the luxury tax line, reduce spending, and trade away Pau Gasol is a viable option.

Gasol has been 35 years old this year, but he is fighting is still very strong, season, averaging 17 points and 10.9 rebounds, 3.4 assists and two blocked shots, and was named to the All-Star Game. For the purposes of any team, Gasol is a rare player, he can be a strong win puzzle, can also help guide the young team.

According to reports, the Bulls want to bid farewell to Gasol, their requests are not too high, one can get into the rotation of players and future draft picks can be, the best can help the team to reduce the luxury tax to the total wages The following lines.

Bulls selling Gasol Another reason is that the Spaniards out of contract in the summer have the right to become an unrestricted free agent. And with the Bulls win prospects, the possibility to renew the team with Gasol little, he may have to join a super-strength team in the title race this summer. In order to avoid a sieve, the Bulls can only seek to advance trade away Pau Gasol get more

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