Chelsea Core strongly recommend 32,500,000 strongman: Mike Mussina I will be happy to sign him crazy


MVP of this season’s Premier Adjara now Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] the absolute core, but the problem for the Blues this summer signings, Azar said in an interview strongly recommend his teammates of the national team in Belgium Turk.

Since Drogba has been determined to leave Chelsea need to introduce a striker in the summer transfer market, of which the Turk is one of the potential targets of the Blues, had also had a lot of rumors about this Turk Chelsea, it is learned The Turk’s contract buyout clause worth £ 3250. And obviously very supportive of the deal Azar.

In an interview, Azar said: “If this Turk and we signed up, I’ll be the happiest man in the world and I have a good personal friend of the Turk, no more than, and he fought better. thing. The Turk was 25 years old, I think he has to do for his career, a good choice of the moment. ”

Azar said: “I say this not think Vera is a small team, but I think this has been kicked out of a lot of games Turk great game, he’s able to go and play in the Champions League.” I do not know Muli Ni Austrian and Abu Azar’s remarks will hear whether the firm resolve to sign this Turk.

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