Chelsea Mikami front five games 1 goal

5 Chelsea warm-up games before the new season has been all over. 5 games, 2 games against each other to win a penalty (for Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona), the remaining three games in the 90 minutes lost to rivals. Such results certainly can not allow people to be satisfied, the Blues striker has become the focus of criticism.

5 games, Chelsea scored only five goals. July 22, in the first game with the New York Red Bulls, Remy scored a goal in the first half, but this was the only goal the Blues striker contributions. The remaining four Chelsea goals from midfield Adjara (2), Moses and defender Cahill.

Chelsea’s top striker Diego – Costa, perhaps the biggest problem. Objectively speaking, Costa is not without a chance. Red Bull New York game, he once close blank range, once single-handedly have not scored. For PSG game, he caught the defender Aurel dogfight, but it is not no chance, then Azar left forward pass after the first half of that slap shot is a good opportunity. And the Barcelona game, he also won single-handedly, but the results still missed with the goal. And after returning to London from North America, Costa has been trapped by an injury, did not participate in two games, even if the weekend’s Premier League appearances still a question mark.

Another striker on loan this summer just come Falcao. Participated in the America’s Cup Falcao, than most of his teammates have time to rejoin later, he missed the first warm-up match. After coming to Chelsea, Falcao 4 warm-up match in performance could not be described as hard, but not many get the chance. Today’s Stamford Bridge debut, he won the first stage of the opportunity. Overall, Falcao and his teammates running, it seems some worse, his movement there is always the feeling of running on less than a point.

Has 29-year-old Falcao, last season, Manchester United played 26 times, scored only four goals, which he was in Porto and Atletico Madrid on average less than 1.5 compared to field a ball of efficiency, it is no less less. In fact, Mourinho lease Falcao’s decision, the media are not good. “The Sun” columnist Stephen – Howard believes Mourinho’s decision, “certainly is a big gamble.”

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