Controversy! Barcelona top to bottom are dissatisfied Referee: do not eat casually kicking cards

La Liga 9, Barcelona home 3-1 reversal Ewald, match referee fined several have generated controversy, Mascherano Barcelona generals allegedly insulted the linesman was a direct red card penalty.

Interview after the game, Barca generals have expressed dissatisfaction with the referee. Suarez hat-trick of the campaign, said: “We are trying to help the referee, feeling each other but in the end we can do anything to play cards and do not eat, and then we will eat a foul card.”

Coach Enrique said: “The referee of the protest punishment severe punishment than to foul, the game today is a good example, we have been accustomed to.”

For Mascherano’s red card, Enrique said: “Mascherano said he was talking to myself, not for the linesman, we need to learn something from here Mascherano possible. It will be suspended for four games? that would be bad news on Mascherano in the end say what, to whom, they have the final say. ”

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