Durant miracles history second

Warriors vs. Clippers. The second quarter left more than 1 minute, the Warriors Kevin – Durant has received 25 points, which makes his career total score reached 20,000 points.

As long as 25 points in today’s game, Durant’s career total score will reach 20000 points, and become the fifth after James, Bryant, Chamberlain and Jordan became the NBA player by the age of 30 to complete 20000 points . At the same time, Durant became the second youngest 200,000 points in NBA history, second only to James.

After the start of the game, Durant feel hot hot. With just over a minute left in the second quarter, Durant hit a two-point jumper on the left by 45 degrees, which led him to score 25 points (9 in 10 shots) and make his career total score just 2 extremely.
Thus, Durant, 29, 108 days to become the second youngest in NBA history, 20000 points, James get 20,000 is 28 years old and 17 days, while Bryant is 29 years old and 122 days.

When Durant completed the milestone in his career, the Warriors home screen announced this news, and the warriors fans stood up for Durant applause and cheers.click here to buy 

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