Exposure C Ronaldo personally committed to joining the European giants

If C Ronaldo leave Real Madrid, and that his next stop will be where? The latest news from the disclosure point of view, C Ronaldo will not return to Manchester United, his next home will be the French giants Paris St Germain.
According to “The Sun” reports, C Ronaldo has personally promised to Paris Saint-Germain, as long as they leave Real Madrid, that would be his next big Paris home, however, C Ronaldo still would prefer to stay at Real Madrid. “The Sun” quoted the news source within the club from Paris Saint-Germain, which is called: “C Ronaldo told me he wants to stay at Real Madrid, but if for whatever reason eventually leave the Bernabeu, he would choose Paris Saint-Germain he wanted to live. In Paris, he also liked Blanco (Greater Paris coach), he and Chairman of the Greater Paris very good relationship, he knows life in Paris is sure to make him satisfied. ”

Prior to the big game against Real Madrid in the Champions League in Paris, C Ronaldo and Blanco whisper scene raised that concern, “Sun,” said a close friend revealed, said Blanco, Blanco was C Ronaldo to say is: ” I like your style of play, I love you, I want to be a team of one. ”

It seems from the current situation, Manchester United has been almost impossible to re-welcome back to the Portuguese kings. Although C Ronaldo has repeatedly hinted will return to Manchester United, Van Gaal has admitted the team will be regarded C Lo signings goal, but the United fans desire to be spoiled.

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