Halo? Master farewell master this scene so many people heartbreaking


For Juve, this is a sad night; for Pirlo, the feeling, especially deep. The final whistle, standing in the center of the field Pierre Luo Jingjing, broadcast lens sweep, 36-year-old Pirlo has tears.
Barcelona players in jubilation side, Pirlo back in the lonely, is unwilling to reveal more. “I had chosen to join Juventus, when a long talk with President Agnelli, I came here the purpose is to win the Champions League.” This is the day Pirlo’s position before the game. Four years grinding sword, only for the present, Pirlo’s ambition all too clear, but their dreams
The last of Istanbul, Pirlo said that nearly destroyed his career; this time in Berlin, the situation is not so bad. But Pirlo’s eyes, but more copies of a hero lonely taste. Juventus broke into the finals, Pirlo himself has said that if you win the Champions League, he went to the ocean. It now appears that it is more like an artist wonderful petition – even now failed to win the championship, his future is likely no longer belong to Juventus a.

New York City early American League has thrown an olive branch, Pirlo choice of this does not exclude. There are Villa and Frank Lampard, more his already longing for the quiet life. With the “Gazzetta dello Sport,” the words, in places far away from the center of European football, he can enjoy a pure football.
Years later when people review this final, it probably would be shocked at what the end of an era. The other side of Harvey, played late in the game, with a fourth Champions League draw on the successful conclusion; Pirlo this side, as the core of playing on consecutive nights, the result is a full regrettable ending. However, regardless of the level of football, art not the outcome, it is across the silhouette of a whole era, but also a farewell belong to the art of football.

After the match Juventus general manager Marotta said: “We will try to persuade Pirlo leave.” For all football fans, is it not so? And if the final can not stay, it will be this spectacular show as the perfect farewell, we are filled with gratitude, with this beautiful era say goodbye.

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