Houston Rockets 137-110 victory over Utah Jazz

young center Clint – Capella play well this game, in just 22 minutes and 21 seconds playing time, contributed 8 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists and 1 steal and 4 record cover, the middle of the third quarter to give each other star center, 7-inch-1 inch Rudy – Gobel’s frontal cap is extremely mentioning gas.buy mt at nbamtcoins,24/7 online help

Last summer, the Rockets left Dwight Howard in the free market, partly because he and James Harden did not call, and one important reason was that Capella’s talent for a limited time allowed management to fill him confidence.

Today’s game, Capella’s data compared to the average level is not surprising, but considering his position is the NBA’s best inside defender, the defensive efficiency last season, far ahead of all other Goebbels, This performance must be greatly praised!

In the game, he not only did not have the apprehension on Goebel’s long arm in the offensive end, he also completed a perfect performance in defense.

The ball took place in the third quarter to 9:03 left when the Jazz power forward Derek – FeWesila missed beyond the arc beyond the shot, Gobert grabbed the offensive rebound with the advantage of height and arm length , Direct violence, turn around to complete a note with both hands.
Usually in this case, Gobert did not scruples defense, because of his height and speed, almost no one can limit him. But I did not expect the Rockets big black thin man, reaction and take-off even faster than Gobert! I saw him take off in situ, left hand held high, the ball down the front, these clean cover, and even Gobert pressed to the ground!

At this moment, as Mu uncle spirit possessed, the only drawback is that Capella personality is too low-key, if the cap after shaking your finger, it is more perfect!

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