Inter exposed 20 million reinforcements robbed


Inter Milan this summer in the transfer market move fairly quickly, but now they have had some trouble, the introduction of French midfielder Yin Bula emerged obstacles.

According to earlier media reports in order to get Yin Bula, Inter Milan out of the offer is one million euros plus 19 million euros loan buyout, but there has been a strong opponent, according to the French “Equipe” message, Porto out to Marseille a more tempting offer, the total price of 25 million euros lease buyout, a figure well over Inter Milan offer five million euros, the French “Equipe” also he said that Porto is likely to offer such a victory over Inter Milan. Meanwhile, Valencia and Southampton are also Yin Bula behind the chase.

Sky Sports and “Gazzetta dello Sport,” said Yin Bula reason to join Inter Milan in doubt, it is because there are other reasons, because the hole has joined more than Shakespeare, Yin Bula Inter Milan are not worried about their You will get enough playing time.

How things really are moving in the direction against Inter Milan, Yin Bula’s agent also come forward position, said Inter’s offer does not make Marseille satisfaction, and therefore also in the sights of Marseille elsewhere. Willie – Nada Ji said, “Inter Milan is the first hands-purchase Yin Bula team, they are also very sincere to sign him, but now that’s not enough, they did not give Marseille a satisfactory offer, so Club began to consider other offer, I also contacted other clubs, they will give you the price as soon as possible. ”

Doubt transfer, but Brazilian defender Miranda joined Atletico date is getting closer, the player himself in an interview, they also hint will soon become a member of Inter Milan, “I went to Inter Milan ? will it, my next few days will be able to determine. ”

Despite the imminent introduction of Miranda, but the Inter Milan defense as well as on other goals, including the Bosnian team Chievo defender zouk Norwich striker, “Italian football” means Inter Milan Ivanovic negotiations have been buying zouk carried out for a long time, it may be that time of the final confirmation, general manager of BellSouth Chievo’s position is very clear, “Inter Milan three months ago began asking zouk Norwich, but at the same zouk Xie Luotuo On Norwich problem is there are some details need to confirm that we are still waiting, at the same time there are other clubs interested zouk Norwich, he is unlikely to stay in Chievo. ”

Nevertheless, BellSouth still represent Inter Milan is the player most likely to join the team, “I think with Inter Milan also want to be able to agree on Monday on the deal.”

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