James 26 + 8 + 6 Loew 24 points

Cavaliers (51-20) two-game winning streak. LeBron – James scored 26 points, eight assists and six rebounds, Kevin – Loew 24 points and 10 rebounds, Carey – Owen 16 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, JR- Smith 13 points, Dimo Fei – Mozgov 10 points. Bench Tristan – Thompson 13 points and 10 rebounds(more buy mt nba 2k16).

Bucks (30-42) their third straight. Gian Nice – Ante Tuo hole wave scored 24 points, six rebounds and six assists, and Jared – Bayless 15 points, five rebounds, Greg – Monroe 14 points, Jabari – Parker 12 points, g Rees – Middleton 9 points and 11 assists. Bench – John Henson 12 points.

Two teams record bad days to do, ranking first in the eastern part of the Knights, has been locked in a first position in the Central Division; Bucks are the Central Division, but it has been difficult to make the playoffs.

Still, the Bucks played very tenacious, they have superior athletic ability, a lot of teams give cause trouble. Warriors had first tasted defeat in front of them, the Knights played today is not easy.

The first section of the Knights smoothly. Owen shot twice after the opening, James and Loew have also scored, they wave 11-5 start. Bucks several times to catch up, this section there are 4 minutes 02 seconds, Parker hit third, they only 21-25 behind. In the remainder of this section, the Bucks hit only one ball, the Cavaliers played after 10-4 to 35-25 end of this section.

The first section of Knight shot up 59.1%, Loew had 9 points and four rebounds, while James scored eight points and four assists.

Bucks trailed by 11 points, but they counterattack very quickly. Section 4 minutes and 17 seconds, Henson hook shot, the Bucks to just 49-50 behind. In nearly four minutes, the Cavaliers hit only one ball, the Bucks shot a wave of attacks 14-4. Smith also credited with three points, the Cavaliers only stay ahead. Once the two sides draw, before the end of this section Thompson grabbed an offensive rebound tipped succeeded, the Cavaliers to 63-61 lead.

In the third quarter after the Bucks ahead 67-65, James also to third, Loew has since third hit twice, the Cavaliers to 74-69 lead again. Knight was to widen the gap to 90-80, but this section last two minutes, they failed to hit a ball, only James free throws got 1 point, the Bucks 7-0, first three quarters only 87-91 behind.

Loew hit the third after the fourth quarter began, Thompson followed even vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Cavaliers scored six points, only to 97-87 hold its ground. Bucks played in this section for nearly five minutes after the first score, Ante Tuo hole twice succeeded wave Thereafter, when more than half of this section, they will recover as the score 93-99.

Smith also to third, James hit two free throws, the Cavaliers scored five points to regain a double-digit loss of advantage, but this failed to seal the victory. Bayless two cast two, one with 5 points, the Bucks again approaching.

Bucks several times to narrow the gap to six points. Competition also 20.2 seconds when Smith again third succeeded, leading the Cavaliers to 111-102, and finally seal the victory.get more

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