Juve team before the referee to protest the Soviet Union to escape the penalty of God Barcelona goals?


In this morning’s Champions League final which Juventus lost 1-3 to Barcelona runner-up. During the race, he stopped to break Suarez is undoubtedly a crucial goal. But shortly before the goal, the Bianconeri soldiers believe that Barcelona escaped a penalty.

This moment occurs in the middle of the game in the second half, when Juve lob into the box, Boge Ba header in the penalty area to prepare Zhengding, was behind Alves pressed. Slow motion, Barcelona right-back arm obviously pull the Boge Ba, causing the French midfielder fell to the ground. Barcelona fought back and then, after the referee whistle interrupted the game, Juve players were very angry protest to the referee. In the first half the match, Bo Geba also has a breakthrough to the restricted area before the line is down, but it was 恰基尔 nor any indication.
“Slow motion” analyze them after the game, the former Serie A referee Cesari said Alves in the penalty area with his knee the Boge Ba thigh, and his right arm also has obvious foul. In Cesari opinion, Alves had two fouls the defensive action, it is a clear penalty.

Before and after the ball, Juventus equalized after offensive Zhengsheng, was likely to take advantage of this stock momentum to grab the lead, but in the end was Barca exceed two degrees. Football field and not if he can not go to speculate what the penalty would happen if the penalty. Anyway, Juventus have used their performance in the final which won the fans respect.

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