Juventus Italian Football Association officially announced the commutation

Prior to the fans because Juventus in Turin derby on April 27 in throwing paper bombs to fans in Turin, Juventus Stadium South Stand athletics punished by the Italian Football Federation to be close to race rounds. However, the Italian Football Federation announced today that they partially accepted the appeal Juve, will close the South Stand two penalties to reduce the round.

After the violence, the police confirmed that the bomb comes from the excesses of the Juve fans, but the judge postponed the sentence, commissioned by federal prosecutors for further investigation. Only after three days came the news: Juventus home south stand will close two. The club that the penalty is too heavy, on May 8 appeal, the Italian sports tribunal suspended the punishment for the Bianconeri, wait for the results of the US Attorney. So in the May 22 game against Napoli in the south grandstand fans still witness the moment the team won the championship.

Juve grounds of appeal is that the perpetrators of this incident into the activities organized by the company court, not by the club invited guests, on behalf of the Football Association the club he received was unfair. The Turin club Juventus punished statement in support of respect, said the court should severely punish violence, creating civilized concept of race environment for most fans.

Today announced the results of the Italian Football Federation, Juventus at home this incident to the South Stand close round ended with a fine of 50,000 euros. Juventus hope to € 50 000 to 30 000 fine alleviate the appeal was dismissed.

This means that even if the punishment has been reduced, but in August 24 Nisshin season in the first round to face Udinese, Juventus at home in the South Stand would be empty. In 2013, Juventus fans at home due to the existence of discrimination against Naples was ordered closed two rounds of the South Stand, but the club got near the football school kids stay in the game field, in the first round with Udinese Juventus may take such measures again make the scene appear less awkward.

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