Londo changed gratified to join the Knicks

Phil Jackson and Derek – Derek Fisher combined to break up this mentoring, and even spread to Rajon – Londo. According to league sources said, after showing no regard to joining the Knicks offseason Rondo, has changed the tone(click NBA 2k16 coins).

Fisher before class, and Londo had some war of words. Rondo was in an interview that the triangle offense is not suitable for them, and therefore will not be considered in the choice became a free agent after the summer signing with the Knicks. In this regard, Fisher retorted that “you should not be able to ask a triangle in front of the offensive had achieved success, whether he is willing to join.”

However, according to sources, “Jackson” I’d really like Londo technology, and think they can help him integrate into any tactical system, regardless of what the triangle offense or other tactics. The Knicks made the decision to dismiss Fisher, which mixed a lot of factors, but for him Londo This statement derision, perhaps one of them, at least, it did not play a positive role.

Fisher said at the time Londo, then how on the surface does not seem much, but considering the two men worked as rivals met twice in 2008 and 2010 finals, and directly on the bit, so the irony, is obvious .

But after a reporter asked Fisher, I think Rondo is an elite point guard, he is did not hide their hostility:. “He is not the elite player, you decide enough”

This season, Rondo king ushered in a second spring, averaging 11.9 points 11.9 assists per game, has always been criticized for his poor shooting, shooting percentage and three-point shooting has reached 46% and 35.8% . According to the news source said Fisher Grizzlies guard Mike – Conley hardcore fans, it may be single-minded thinking about the left-handed point guard recruit in the summer, while the Zen master of Rondo appreciation of the situation, he could not quite understand .

In coaching career, Jackson has always been good and his team to establish a good personal relationship is known, and in this regard is clearly Fisher and his teacher were far worse, and more recently rumors that he and his girlfriend players ambiguous relationships Chu does not directly affect his prestige in the locker room.

During an interview to make a coaching change after the decision, Jackson said perhaps he is not enough for Fisher’s guidance. On the one hand, it seems to be in the embrace responsibility, but at the same time, it is difficult to explain the performance of the other party to his satisfaction. Fisher before class spray Londo remark, maybe that overwhelm his last straw.buy now

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