Manchester City a future value of 100 million pounds Reggie

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini before year contract with the team, after the renewal of his contract will be extended until 2017, Manchester City hoping to eliminate wear handsome doubts about the future. But having said that, I also know wear handsome, if he was unable to lead Manchester City this season, won his dump probably would retain his job.

Pellegrini said:. “Get title for two consecutive years in the wealthy is not enough, the win was very important to prove to the media and fans you can win is very important, it is about your job you have to analyze things. Progress, if you do not have led to win, you must make a change, even if won, also we need to make some new adjustments. If not won for two consecutive years, then your work will become very difficult. “” Every Japan Post, “this interpretation is wear handsome hint if the season failed to lead Manchester City to win, then he would be fired.

Manchester City is currently the most heavy summer signings is 4900 pounds Sterling bought, even though the public has questioned the worth of inflated Stirling, but wear handsome publicly maintained his love. He said: “I’m surprised that the voices of doubt many people criticize us who spend too much money to buy, but if we do not introduce local players, they will criticize us for not doing so but when we buy a person,. They said our people buy too expensive. I am sure two or three years, you will know that he assigned this price, he’s worth will continue to rise. To know that he is now only 20, he was 25 when he also We will continue to progress, who knows, maybe when he was worth 100 million pounds a.

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