NBA attract TOP10 rely beat James Bryant

In 2014, sales of James signature shoe series reached $ 340 million, leading shoe sales chart. At the same time, the total number of fans of its various social media accounts more than 66 million. James, who make huge commercial value Nike signed a lifetime contract with its decision, this is the first contract for life 44 years since the inception of Nike athletes signed. In all active basketball players DBI score, James ranked first name, the only higher than his American golfer Tiger Woods(more 2k16 mt for sale).

James’s identity far beyond the scope of basketball players, he hopes to become a “Hollywood Tycoon” in the future. James Carter and partners Year established entertainment and media company SpringHill entertainment giant Warner Bros. signed and produced the TV show “Survivor’s Remorse”. By 2015, he founded the social media platforms Uninterrupted got a $ 15.8 million investment from Time Warner, and is ready to develop more athletes to the theme of the program to be able to broadcast on a variety of platforms, so that more more direct interaction with athletes and fans through this video platform. buy now

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