NBA has a lot of transactions

Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Hornets reached an agreement, with Dwight – Howard packaged this year’s No. 31 pick, in exchange for Myers – Plumley, Marco – Berinelli and this year’s No. 41 pick.This transaction can be said that the eagle lost the sale of Warcraft, which may be really eye-popping(2k18 mt).

Dwight – Howard, 2004 draft pick, three consecutive years of the best defensive player winner, eight all-star, six rebounds king title owner, once the league’s first center, and this year, but 31 years old, last season also There are 13.5 points per game 12.7 income, so, was sold, cabbage price!We look at the Hawks in the deal in exchange for what stuff:

Berinelli, the striker from Italy, has won the All-Star long shot title, with the Spurs in the 2013-14 season won a championship ring.and then? Occupation career three-point shooting 37.7%, down to 36% last season, career highest scoring record is five years ago, 11.8 points. Known as the championship experience, but after leaving the Spurs two teams, did not hit the playoffs … …

Pramley, the blue-collar white center, the best season so far is in the swing of the sun to get an average of 8.1 points and 7.8 rebounds, and then deteriorated last season, respectively, on behalf of the Bucks and Hornets played a total of 45 games, field 2.5 points and 2.1 rebounds. His main role in the deal was to match the salary (last summer and the Bucks signed four years 50 million, the results of a few months later was thrown to the Hornets, in exchange for the same unbearable Hawes and Hibbert ).

So a look, Howard is equivalent to the white was given to the Horn? wrong! White to send people do not, you have to pay a row ahead of the draft pick, so that people balance the psychological, so, the Hornets agreed to trade!So what happened to Howard? No, his biggest problem is in their own state of the slide, suffered the most unfavorable to his technical characteristics to play the trend of turning. If you put a decade ago, Howard and then bad, but also a reliable defensive center. But today’s NBA, emphasizing speed, space, the ball constantly flowing, and this is precisely the short board of Howard.

Even worse, Howard last summer and the team signed a three-year total value of 70.5 million US dollars in the contract, looking at such an expensive investment is not useful, the boss can feel better?So, when the summer Hawks management big shake-up, the new Travis – Schrenker successor general manager, the first fire, burned to take big money to do small things Howard, The As for the exchange of people regardless of the use, it is another matter.visit homepage

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