NBA2k18 angered the Lakers second place

NBA2k18 updated the Hawks rookie John – Klins ability value, but a cover map has caused the Los Angeles Lakers player Brandon – Ingram’s anger. A clinks off the Ingram game picture as a publicity, which makes the Lakers teenager suddenly heart discontent. He said that this situation is absolutely impossible to happen.

NBA2K this game much attention of many professional players, including some fans in order to experience the actual sense of operation, this game is very obsessed. The game based on the performance of the players in the game(for more info about nba 2k18 mt coins click), a comprehensive assessment of a player’s ability to value. But recently 2k in some of the details, causing a lot of players dissatisfaction.

Today, the Hawks rookie clinks ability to be published, the value of 73 is not very high. But a Klins holding the ball next to the Lakers players Ingram’s picture, but it was widespread concern. However, in this photo was spread in the process, Ingram publicly expressed dissatisfaction.

“This scene will never happen.” Ingram said.

In addition to Ingrid personally feel angry, as a teammate Longzo – Bauer also for his support. The ball said: “2k, you have 24 hours to replace the picture, or you will lose a user.

For the 2k of this operation, let the innocent Ingram lying on the gun deep. Especially for the rookie Klins exaggerated propaganda, but also so that there is no dispute of the two, will meet in the next season when some spark sparks.


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