New Chelsea Neymar Chushoubufan

The warm-up match with Barcelona, ​​Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho in the starting lineup in unexpected discharge of a teenager: Kennedy. Although there are people on this before the youngster feel strange, but just a few minutes after the opening, people know him.

Match the first 3 minutes, Kennedy and Diego – after Costa and Fabregas played with the right break trip over the subsequent free kick, opened a small law into the box, after the point of Zuma header hoisting Barcelona Teershite root struggling goalkeeper saved. The subsequent corner kick, Barca after a successful defensive play fast counter, Suarez already broken through the Cahill’s defense into the penalty area, but the key moment, Kennedy promptly card, he tightly Kang Zhu Suarez, ball protection to the Courtois.

Match the first few minutes of dazzling performance, so that people know the 19-year-old teenager. In a breakthrough, the Kennedy’s technology is very skilled, and his speed is very fast. Less than one minute after the start of the game, Chelsea front right forward pass, the ball of course some slightly inaccurate, but Kennedy quick follow-up, two or three steps to go beyond the Barcelona left-back Adriano. And the first four minutes of the wrecker, but also reflects the speed at which Kennedy retreated.
In Brazil, Kennedy “new Neymar,” he said. However, compared with Neymar, 1 meter tall and 81 of Kennedy more powerful side. First half, 20 minutes or so, he in the middle of a breakthrough, even though the ball was off the opponent, but Barcelona’s Busquets Kennedy was knocked down, but Kennedy looks did not intend to help them Professor cloth. Fast, flexible but yet tough, which is perhaps Mourinho needed. This name worth only 6.3 million pounds of the little guy, the future may be put to great use.
In a very long time before a move to Chelsea, Kennedy has been Chelsea, Manchester United and other teams chasing the object. But in late June, his home team Fluminense declared he will join Chelsea in the news in the official tweets. Speaking Why the Blues, Kennedy said: “My dream is to one day landing in Europe is because I like Chelsea Ramires Oscar and I love them all there entire Chelsea…”

While in today’s game, Kennedy wearing jersey No. 33, but in the new season Chelsea’s list, but not meant to have his name. Due to work permit restrictions, Kennedy will not participate in 2015-2016 Premier League season, so that he would certainly be Chelsea for rent to other European countries club.

Kennedy same fate of his fellow Brazilian Natta, the same contract Natta Blues this summer, will be the Champions League last season, U19 captain Isaiah Brown – was leased to Dutch side Vitesse together. In this way, stay at Chelsea’s young players on the left of Loftus – Cheek and Suolan Ke. Last season, Mourinho once: “Next season, Loftus – Cheek will become the Premier League a big surprise.” And also in the Chelsea youth camp Suolan Ke, has also been high hopes  They will probably become the new season the Blues star onto the scene.

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