Pogba hot pursuit? Mourinho denied

Chelsea won the lineup for this summer, did not make a great change, but the recent news that they have joined the fight against Juventus midfielder Bo Geba being, but Mourinho in an interview denied the news that he would Borg Ba likened to the Eiffel Tower, and its own gardens simply let it go.

As the defending Premier League champions Chelsea this summer, only the introduction of the teenager Natta and goalkeeper Begovic, and last season on loan at Manchester United and unhappy Falcao, media reports they have recently joined the chase for Juventus midfielder Bo Geba war, now including Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and other wealthy want to incur the charge of French, Boge Ba’s worth has soared to 80 million euros.

But Mourinho in an interview denied this rumor, “Boge Ba is one of the world’s most outstanding player, his arrival can quickly change a team, I think that every wealthy are hoping to get him, but Some things are not what you want to be able to do it. I really like the Eiffel Tower, but I can not bring it to my garden, is also not able to put it in Las Vegas. ”

In addition, the young defender Everton Chelsea recently Stones to offer 26 million pounds, but was refused toffee, but Mourinho is no need to stand back, “We have two over Sanxun defender, as well as two under 25 years of age, which is sufficient to ensure that we configured the next 10 years, so that this is not a priority. “

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