Real Madrid do not play thoroughly the youth?

In the club under the direction of the main , Real Madrid decided to implement the strategy of streamlining youth camp, Real Madrid C team therefore be dissolved, and the team of 40 members of the academy had to find a way out from.

Effect of streamlining policy to Real Madrid C team caused the biggest. Last season, Real Madrid C team relegated to the Spanish third division – Due to the Spanish second has two levels, C team equal relegated to the D League. C team scores very badly let down the club level, and ultimately decided simply to dissolve C team, Real Madrid’s current internal organizational chart, has no team that compiled C.

C team prepared to cancel, which means a lot of young players can not continue to grow in the Real Madrid youth academy, because between the lower-level teams and Real Madrid B team, the lack of a transitional link. The players want to continue to grow, they must pack their bags and leave, to join other clubs in Spain, or even go abroad to play. Abel Figueroa, Diego – Lopez, Granero, Guti, Casillas, Javier Portillo, Mata, Kalie Hong, Mista, Raul, Real Madrid C team have trained
In fact even now coached Zidane Real Madrid B team are overcrowded, last season, Real Madrid B team failed to lift the second division, the club has decided to adjust the B team, Mei Delan, Harvey – Garcia, Osei Germany, Jose – Rodriguez, Jorge – Franco and other famous youth players have decided to leave Real Madrid youth academy, to get more playing time at other clubs. Where Jose – Rodriguez or Jose Mourinho era youth darling, on several occasions in a team won playing time.

Yts cleaning continues, Maas Karel, A Gusa, Borja – Garcia and other players because of age or other reasons, also had to leave this summer, Real Madrid youth academy large range of cleaning, at least There are 40 players will leave.

“Aspen” of Florentino cleaning yts practices criticized that Florentino Real Madrid C team canceled practice is to repeat past mistakes Atletico. In 1992, Atletico chairman Hill determination disbanded academy, which led Atletico Madrid youth academy prodigy Raul switch to rivals Real Madrid, Raul is also the Bernabeu grow a generation of superstars. If Real Madrid this summer sent 40 youth academy players in the new Raul, that Florentino will endure a lifetime of infamy.


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