Real Madrid general: C Robbie Massey far more comprehensive than they were a year


Last season, Messi led Barcelona to get the Champions League, La Liga and the King’s Cup Triple Crown honors, while C Lo failed to get a trophy weight, however, Real Madrid defender Pepe still believe, C Robbie Messi comprehensive.
In an interview with “Global Sports” interview in Brazil, Pepe said: “I chose C Lo is because he is much more comprehensive than Messi individual level, whether he can play on the left or on the right Regardless of how the two are very great player, there is a very high standard, they proved beyond every year they are. This is a good thing for the fans, they are enjoying the beautiful two superstars of soccer. ”

Pepe is currently Barcelona’s Marcel Yeovil vacation, he also took the healing last season, injuries to the body, he can not play one hundred percent. Pre-season training camp next season, Real Madrid will go to Australia, China and Germany tour match, Pepe said this:. “I hope the state will be able to participate in the Primera Liga last good game, bad luck I was hurt, but every day I morning during physical therapy to recover as soon as possible. I’m fine, I still have some vacation time, I would hundred percent effort, pending the coach called up. ”

Pepe and C Luo double club and national team-mate, for CR7 strength, Pepe naturally well aware that last year he had behind C Rhodes Golden Globe, “if not this year will be awarded the Golden Globe C Lo It would be a scandal Look C Lo’s performance this year, he broke so many records, last season’s Champions League also scored 17 goals, which are almost impossible to do, if it is to get the other players Golden Globe Awards, they should be ashamed.

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