Rocket remaining 12 games are all tough

The present situation for the Rockets, regardless of whether enhance strength, playing good or bad, whether to play against the Thunder Harden, they are clearly aware of the need to find a way to win more victories. “We have to win some games,” Brewer said. “The next seven or eight games will be tough, it relates to the next rank, we need to stay calm. We must now have to pay attention to rankings, we may be ranked in the west 6 to 8, we may even not into the playoffs, we have to get better, to win every game(more mt 2K16). ”

The next two weeks the game, related to the rockets continue to fight or be eliminated, with the Hawks after the game, players headed Harden sprained left ankle, and before the end of the game Thunder Harden will decide whether to play. “Tomorrow, we, as the case may be, and now I feel good,” Harden says. “We will be a chance to win this game.”

This season, the West is still intense competition, Rockets and Mavericks same record, they are only ranked ninth jazz than one more wins, and the sixth from the western half of the difference between the pioneer wins. “Look at those games and our opponents, we have to win some victories for the job,” coach Bickerstaff says. “It is that simple, we have only 12 games, obviously, win at all the games is our goal. The game against the Thunder is critical, because we have less than a jazz only wins, so it is very important to win the game , and now the results are important. ”

In the next two weeks, before the Rockets face the Raptors, Pacers, Cavaliers, Bulls, Thunder and Mavericks, the Thunder need to fight back to back and jazz. “For us, every game is a potential playoff,” Terry said. “We absolutely have to enhance our strength in the next game, we have to eliminate distractions, change their attitude, obviously these are very important, we all year saying, ‘We have the talent, but the mentality of the problem ‘regardless of the opponent’s strength is the team into the playoffs did not want to enter the playoffs, we have to play a specific level, the mentality must also be consistent in this regard, we have been in and strive to improve, this is about the mentality and attitude problems. ”

The next game, the Rockets will have some challenge, which Bickerstaff said: “There is no doubt that we have been in progress, in view of the situation in which we are now, the results of the last 12 games will be have a very big impact, our goal is to win every game for us is to do the details, we play to their strengths, do what you can to make our team better things. “buy now

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