Roman column before the whistle 2-1 win away to Lazio 1-1

2015-16 Serie A season opener broke, Rome Verona away 1 1 level. Jankovic reached the new season’s first ball, Florencio Qi long-range equalizer. Before the whistle, Pjanic hit the post. Later, Lazio 2 to 1 victory at home to Bologna, Bigeliya captain opened the scoring, but then was carried off injured.

24717 This is the first game in Serie A history. Salah and dominant race ushered in the first show, due to brain surgery sidelined defender Tricastin 1 year comeback. Verona since 1996 against Roma victorious (3 draws and 10 losses). Tony veteran starter, after April 2006 on behalf of Viola goal to break the red wolf, he did not clash with the Roman 8 times richer.

The opening 80 seconds, Juanito – Taleb left the restricted area arc the ball passing the bar. Dzeko and Salah after kicking the wall with volley missed, Salah volley shot Rafael were resolved. Su Pula extend down Dzeko, almost eat the first two yellow cards sent off, Gervinho free kick far post. The first 42 minutes, Greco corner, Jankovic left the restricted area small-angle header lob, Siqinsini not do anything, but in front of De Rossi headed the rescue!

The second half, Halford Alfredsson front Fanqiang, left edge of the area Tui was Siqinsini saved, Juanito – Taleb left side blank range has been denied by the legs Siqinsini! Rome conceded first 61 minutes! Halford Alfredsson left rib crossing over the top, Jankovic five meters away from the door at the right side of Tui volley into the near corner, 1-0. This is Halford Alfredsson 2015 first nine assists, ranking first in Serie A players.

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