Ronzo-Powell accepted the Los Angeles Lakers today.

For this training, Powell’s feeling is very good, and reiterated that he wanted to be selected by the Lakers.Local time this morning, Ronzo – Bauer in the Lakers Arena accepted the training. At the same time, outside the training field gathered a large number of media, great battle. After the end of the trial, the ball brother accepted the media interview. Talking about the training, the ball said the most words is “interesting” and said he was not nervous(click nba mt coins).

It is reported that Bauer in today’s training in the main shooting and dribbling training. Interestingly, Powell is wearing a pair of James – Harden’s shoes. Local time Yesterday, Powell and Lakers Basketball Affairs President “Magic” Johnson, general manager Rob Palermo and coach Luke Walton together for dinner. When asked about the information from the Lakers’ management, Powell said, “Become a leader who wants to know who I am.”

In addition, the ball brother revealed that they also talked about the “father”. “They (the Lakers) say it’s like my father, that’s it,” he said. As we all know, the ball is the first goal of the Lakers. Today, in his interview, he reiterated his wish to be selected by the Lakers in the first round of the NBA this year.

“Of course, I want to stay in my hometown,” he said. Asked why the Lakers should choose him, Bauer replied: “They need a leader, they need a point guard.” Talking about the Lakers’ current young core lineup, Powell said: “They are young, Very young and I see they want to run, I also like to run the boom, so I think we can complement each other well.

Although the ball brother is very eager to play for the Lakers, but he also prepared for any possible results. As for whether he will accept the training of other teams, he said: “I will leave this question to my agent.” Ronzo – Powell believes he is the best of all rookie this year, he hopes this year Summer to make themselves stronger, and continue to enhance his overall basketball skills. After accepting the Lakers’ trial today, Bauer will have lunch with Lakers boss Jenny Bass and two other members of the Bath more

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