Tailun Lu lifted him into a crisis of confidence handsome weathervane NBA

Beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 111-106 overtime road Indiana Pacers, although the process of ups and downs throughout the game, but a win is a win, after a five-game winning streak, Taryn – Lu also get through a crisis of confidence, he led the Cavaliers back on track, toward the goal in mind of the firm forward.

This is David Knight quit – Blatter sixth game, after righting Lu. Coaching change at the beginning, due to reasons known, multi-voice disapproval of the knights of the action, even if there is reason believe that Blatter camp class the bounds of reason, but also for the Cavaliers signed a three-year contract directly with Lu expressed reservations. Results in the first game after he took office in Lu, very ugly knight lost to the state is not good bull, so, for questioning the young coach, naturally the addition of a lot.

Fortunately Then, after another knights met Minnesota, the western sun two bottom teams, which for Lu provides a rare grace period, the Knights also fully seize the opportunity to understand and carry out the intent of his tactics, and improve their own fighting, after back to back in a row when they face the Pistons and the Spurs, the team has been basically completed a new “run.”

Pistons and the Spurs two games, the Cavaliers played really ideal state, two games, while the Big Three play 20+ performance score, which prior to this season, and has never appeared. Speed ​​on the offensive end, so that the knight full advantage of the talent, the team greatly increased firepower, four-game winning streak during which they at least under the H-114 points, averaging 115 points and the league’s performance has been the strongest offensive team can flush the Warriors.
Walker today, although it is away from home, but the Cavaliers offensive performance in the beginning stages of still perfect. Only the first half, the Cavaliers have including LeBron – James, Carey – Owen, Kevin – Lufkin and Tristan – Thompson, including four players score in double figures, a team of 42 shots and hit 26 balls , shot up to 61.9 percent, easily set up a double-digit lead.

But the second half, the Cavaliers suddenly and inexplicably lost touch, after Liangong not in the hand of the opponent’s confidence and state culture out. This has subsequently been the go-ahead score, the key jumper Irving put the game dragged into Canada, and then to extend the clearance of Glenealy 8 points thrilling plot.

Overall, the Cavs can not be considered a good performance today, but strong firepower in the first half of a full explanation at the tactical level, no problem Lu arrangements. As in some stage of the game suddenly misbehave, it is inevitable. In the decisive stage against the outcome of pressure, still ensuring the participation of Owen and Loew enough on the offensive end, but there is no direct the ball to James Wong played by him, also it shows as a young coach Lu good courage.

Earlier today, the Phoenix Suns promoted just announced less than 37 years old, retired less than two years of Earl – Watson to replace Jeff – Hornacek, he served as interim coach of the team. Perhaps it is the outstanding performance of Lu after taking office, to the sun’s management enough confidence, firm will “younger” in the end, and this, perhaps is a new wave of unrest in the league.Buy NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K16 MT for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC with cheapest price guaranteed.

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