This new Manchester United goalkeeper true God

The final whistle, Van Gaal relieved Manchester United a 2-0 win over Tottenham, won the Premier League season opener, leaving the Netherlands Marshal proud that he gamble at the goalkeeper position, the win!

Argentine summer to join the country starting Romero, Degea even went into a big list, he and Valdes, Lindegaard two “people go” sit side by side stands, apparently, Van Gaal intends to take a risk : If Romero easy to use, so when dealing Degea, Fan Marshal will be more emboldened.

Opening soon, Romero had a Bigfoot siege mistakes, broadcast close-up shots quickly gave Van Gaal, once the Argentine disorders, where to put Marshal’s face? But 90 minutes played down, Van Gaal could be proud: it Romero ah, really disappointing!
The first 19 minutes, Walker reached the restricted area, Romero swiftly closed out one ball! Old Trafford immediately burst into enthusiastic cheers; before halftime last ball, Romero Puzhu opponents shot, the audience warmly applauded again, obviously, the Manchester United fans can also look forward to the Argentines really come on top. The second half, Romero activities opened, performance is more and more brave. Sven-Goran Eriksson’s small-angle shot he forfeited the final stage but staged a wonderful “two even flutter.” Match, Tottenham 9 shots, 4 Shots Romero overcome this, to secure the first show zero goals conceded.
British media after the game to send praise Romero, “Daily Mail” as he hit a score of 7.5, and commented: “Before the game, people have questions Romero, he came from Sampdoria reserve, when pre-season appearances for United did not even one minute …… After the game, the Red Devils fans in the stands singing Stretford Romero’s name, his charm and energetic style to be seen in the future He would become a fan favorite, will have its uses in Manchester. ”

When enabled Romero explained after the game, Van Gaal said: “Romero did not concede he did some good saves, twice to save the team, that’s fine, but we also need to improve his body health, he only practiced together for two days, we talked on Thursday and Degea, he can not fight this, Johnstone warm-up fight a lot, but I ultimately chose Romero experience. Although his health has not the best, but the most important thing is to block a shot, he did. ”
Overall, Romero this getting better, although not encounter the “super dangerous ball” test, but several fighting are quite exciting, attack, then pass judgment pitch also called robust. Romero so play, Van Gaal will surely feel happy flowers, and Degea stands, watching Argentina play abroad, was probably mixed feelings

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