Today brought the team’s sixth man Andre Iguodala.

Andre Iguodala 33-year-old small forward 2016-17 season data: averaging 26.3 minutes to get 7.6 points 3.4 assists and 4.0 rebounds July 1 will become a free agentSeason Review: With the arrival of Durant, the role of Andre Iguodala has changed dramatically. Unlike the past two seasons(click buy mt), Steve Cole will stay at least three of the main scorers in the hands of the two.

Until Durant missed 19 games because of knee injury, Andre Iguodala did not reproduce his ability. The whole March, Igo averaged 12 points shooting as high as 59.4%.Score growth is only one hand, regardless of the need to bear the responsibility of the attack, Io’s defense never lax. Throughout the regular season he has a total of 262 assists, 76 steals and 58 turnovers, his assists than (4.5) ranked first in the league played more than 70 players, his stealing mistakes than (1.31) Ranked seventh in the league. His positive and negative 6.9 in all played more than 50 games in the top of the bench, as a defensive generalist, Iago usually mark each other’s top scorer.He is the Warriors finals in the mark-up LeBron’s number one choice, in the final five games, he 14 of 14 shots to get 20 points.

Io is also nominated for the best sixth person of the year, regardless of whether he won the prize, he changed the award “only score” selection criteria, the 33-year-old veteran will be rocket guns and Eric Gordon competes for this award.Off-season outlook: Io in the Warriors 10 free agents, Igor may be the biggest question. He wants to end in the warriors, and if the team is willing to provide a large contract he is willing to consider.

The current team chasing Igor includes the Hawks, Jazz, Timberwolves and Bulls. According to Vertical broke the news, Igo’s valuation may reach an annual salary of 20 million US dollars.Durant has made a $ 4 million annual salary concession, which may allow Igor and Livingston two veterans to stay at the same time.

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