Warrior strong enough to cast doubt on life

Golden State Warriors brutal fall of the United Center again, 125 to 94 victory over the Chicago Bulls. After another two games, the semi-finals of the Eastern front against the Bulls and the Cavaliers, the Warriors won the match 34 points, respectively, and 31 points. Faced with this state now pinnacle of the Warriors, I am afraid that any opponent would feel very frustrated, and even began to doubt a life(click buy nba 2k16 points).

Walton Warriors interim coach after the game expressed satisfaction with the performance of the team again, “We had almost 50 points off the bench .38 assists while only 10 turnovers in the league against the best defensive team one Such performance was good. We did not let the opponent play all night comfortable rhythm, arena audience nor from the potential of the opportunity. ”

This game also allows opponents with awe and admiration. Bulls coach Hoey Borg will praise after the game, “the opponent played very reasonable. All of them are moving in the field, cut, and everyone can be thought teammate pass out. If they are not you in court opponent, then watch them play very interesting. “Ross also admitted that the opponent played more like a whole evening,” You can see everyone on their team are their duties, everyone in the field are put into among them.”

The game before the game Aspect is Rose and Curry these two MVP point guard duel. He rose in the opening race on the attack very strongly, helping the Bulls in the first half before the holiday ahead of the competition. But the Warriors quickly took over the game after that. The whole game, although Ross got a game-high 29 points, but only sent two assists; Curry will get 25 points and 11 assists in two pairs of data, better series from the team’s attack.

Bulls tonight though not into fighting each other errors, but most people are very poor shooting performance. Trey team performance the night only 20 people, some in tears 1 vote. Team starting center Gasol is 8 vote total loss, the audience only get 1 point.

“This is really embarrassing. I think this is mainly because we played too bad himself.” Rose said after the game, “you can easily see us tonight on both ends of a lack of communication. When you are on such a When the teams, if in the defensive conflicts with each other, the scene will become very ugly. Tonight it really is so. “buy now

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