Warriors picked up the eagle three times

Warriors (52-11) two straight. They shot three points in the ball 44 vote 20, Stephen – Curry hit 6 in the third, scored 24 points and nine assists, Cray – Thompson first half 0 points, the audience contributed 13 points, Drey Real – Green 12 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, Andrea – Iguodala 24 points(click nba 2k17 mt coins).

Eagle (34-29) three straight. Dennis – Schroeder scored 23 points, Paul – Millsap 20 points and 10 rebounds, Tim – Hardaway 18 points, Kent – Bazimor 18 points, olsson – Ilassova 15 points , Dwight – Howard had only 8 points, but grabbed 19 rebounds and eagles is one of the league’s worst defense team, ranked 28th in the league, only the Hornets and the king worse than them. On the beatman, the eagle was thrown in the 15 note three points. Prior to this, the knights in front of them hit a record of 25 in mind three points.

Warriors are one of the league’s most trivial team, but recently feel flat, especially in the library. But yesterday beat the Knicks, Curry has been restored, hit 5 in mind three points. The face of the eagle, Curry still did not find the feeling, the first half of the warriors three-pointers 5 vote 7, but the library is only 4 shots 1, Thompson 2 vote is not in the first half did not, but also back 3 fouls. Warriors played very well. The first section of the attack, the Warriors did not take any cheap, they are 35-42 behind. A single lost 42 points, which is the warrior’s defense is spicy irony(click nba live mobile coins).

Section two of the defense of the two teams have been strengthened, the Warriors outside the shot to reduce the three-pointers in this section 4 vote 2. Nevertheless, the Warriors several times to narrow the gap, this section there are 1 minute 42 seconds, Clark three hit, they only 59-62 behind. Warriors after only hit a ball, the first half to 61-66 at a disadvantage. McCain in the third quarter at the beginning of the vote in the third, Green and Curry also have long fought, the Warriors played a wave of 16-4, to 77-70 go-ahead. The first half of the Thompson did not return to the field, but also again and again shooting, the Warriors to stay ahead to 94-90 end of the first three.

Eagles in the fourth quarter at the beginning of the third hit, the gap narrowed to 1 point. West is also the color of the basket, Thompson immediately hit the third, the Warriors shot 14-3, to 108-96 again opened the gap. The eagle did not shoot in 5 minutes and put on Howard and Millsap. Curry in the second half to find the feeling, frequently one-third succeeded. The game there are 3 minutes and 16 seconds, he once again hit three points, the Warriors to 114-102 to maintain the advantage of double digits. Eagle just fined two goals, Andre Iguodala hit again, the Warriors control the situation

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