Warriors tell you what domineering side leakage

Golden State Warriors this season’s most popular team, Curry did not continue last week day day state, but Craig – Thompson stood out with excellent play last week won the title of best player in Western, but also led the team continue to record the impact.

Up to now, the Warriors have won nine times Player of the Week title, which – Stephen Curry scored seven times, Bradley Richmond – Green 1, and now, Craig – Thompson has also been once.

“It’s impressive,” Cole said, “Cray is great, he recently in good condition, I’m happy for him, which he deserves.”

However, they currently suffered some injuries. The team may need to holiday, and Lord Craig – Thompson said that he was still young, no need holiday. Yiqijuechen Warriors this season, has played 66 wins and 7 losses record, very close to the record of the legendary Chicago Bulls, but now the Warriors suffered some injuries, the team is also considering holiday. Warriors can be used not many players, so the Warriors coach Steve – Cole said he would hand over power to the holiday of the players themselves, let them judge for themselves whether the holiday.

Thompson said he was “very likely” can not imagine myself any truce in the next game, especially in the next game they will be directly related to the impact of history. The current state of Thompson is also very hot, he averaged just 32.3 points in the performance of the West End last week elected the best player.

“At this stage of my career, I must try to win every game,” Thompson said, “I am very young, very dynamic, so I have no reason Truce, you only need to deal with mental fatigue, and not physical, so I’ll be fine, I will stay focused, to keep mentally sharp. ”

Coach Kohl also said he will not in the next game against the Washington Wizards game player truce. Cole also talked about the impact of a record 73 teams want to win.

“Our team wanted this record,” Cole when they talk about the history of the best single-season record said, “They have been very clearly demonstrated, so we have to do is listen to them, trust them. If they are injured they let us know. If this is the case, we will let them rest. If they do not hurt, they feel that they are fully capable to go out to play, then that’s what they need to do is we have to do. ”¬†buy NBA 2K16 MT at nbamtcoin.com,the best place to buy mt

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