Western media perspective: Real Madrid have to give up the new season ahead


Last summer transfer window, Real Madrid 30 million euros to sign Bayern midfielder Cross, 80 million euros to get the World Cup in Brazil is booming Superstar J Lo, limelight without the two. In contrast this year, Real Madrid in the transfer market, some silence, this year known as a star of the team in the end how?

Accustomed to do anything they want to see Real Madrid in the transfer window fans, this summer somewhat different. “Daily Sport newspaper,” have put forward a point of view, they think Real Madrid have given up in advance of the new season about to begin, they focus on the real goal is the 2016/17 season.
This statement sounds a bit nonsensical, but the “Daily Sport newspaper,” gives his argument. Above all, from the transfer market, Real Madrid this summer but cheap eat into Casilla, recycling Casemiro, Vazquez and Qielishefu only be regarded as generous 后卫达尼洛 only the right, but he is very There may be just Carvajal on the bench.

Real Madrid not only no blockbuster signings, but let go of Casey, Khedira and small peas Hernandez, the people of Madrid signings policy so that fans do not see any ambition. In contrast, although still in Barcelona within the FIFA transfer ban, but they are still in the position of right-back and midfielder added into the Vidal and Turan, very targeted.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” that Real Madrid is no reason why any big moves, and the transfer market this summer related to the lack of fish, which allow them to have to choose to wait another year. Wait until next year summer, Real Madrid can not only eat into free Degea, including Boge Ba, Aguero, including many superstars probably no longer untouchable.

In addition to the transfer policy, “the daily sports newspaper” also believes that in the case of such a strong Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid is not optimistic about the appointment of head coach Rafael Benitez, at behest of the President around Bell to create a new tactic, the signs seem in that they do not rush to the next season to get the best results.

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